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Niels Dzintar

Listen to my work

  1. Sleepless ( P / M / M+ ) Stellarbone 3:22
  2. S.U.S ( P / M / M+ ) The Stopkes 1:34
  3. Surrender ( P / M / M+ ) Michael Dreesen 4:19
  4. My Brother ( P / M / M+ ) Dzintar 3:31
  5. Caromb ( P / M ) Dzintar 3:14

P = Produced / M = mixed / M+ = mastered

What can I do for you?


I have my own home recording studio where I have enough space and equipment to record all instruments and voice overs


You can provide me with your raw recorded tracks and I will turn them into a professional sounding mix in a matter of days.


Editing your session can be a real pain. If you send me your raw recorded tracks, I can quantize drums, clean up guitars and bass, tune and align vocals.

Instruments & Reamping

Need drums, bass, guitar or vocals on your songs and can't do it yourself? I can play it for you! I can also reamp your guitar or bass, I have a vast array of amps available.

Pre Production

Just need a quick demo of your songs? We can set up a session and record a live rehearsal. I can do a basic mix afterwards if needed.


Looking for a high quality mastering that translates everywhere? Send me your final mix and I will make it radio ready

About Niels Dzintar


I am Niels Dzintar, a Belgian based musician and producer with a preference for rock, metal, hardcore and punk rock. I have been active in music for over 20 years. I started out playing various instruments in multiple bands and played hundreds of shows over the years.

In 2014 I graduated as a producer/engineer at Volver Sound Academy in Tilburg (NL) and in 2019 I built my own home recording studio located in Meerhout/Balen area (province of Antwerp, Belgium). Over the years I have been finetuning my craft as an alumni of Jay Maas and Jordan Valeriote.

Being an aspiring musician myself, my goal is to get the best out of every production I do. I would love to help you getting your songs to the next level, from pre production all the way to a final mix that sounds great everywhere!
I also write, produce and mix my own songs, you can check it out here.

For more info and videos about studio related stuff, visit my YouTube channel . Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more content.

Contact me if you want to do a project together or if you would like any more info!

Artists I have worked with

De Uilen | Pas De Chance | Radio Shotgun | Dzintar | Jan Vanderoost | The Maple Room | Our Hate | Daan Wilms | Punkus Rockus | Stellarbone | Marcus Deblaere (ex Hiro/) | Dries Monsieurs (ex Moments) | Iris Goessens (ex Spoil Engine/Three Times Royal) | Maarten Albrechts (BEAR) | Michael Dreesen | Dries Olemans (Circle, Loud Love) | This Means War | Scott Kennedy (Bleed From Within) | Echoes of a Dying World | The Stopkes | Crownless King | Poseydon | Sulfeet | Cobra The Impaler | Sean Dhondt