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Niels Dzintar

Listen to my work

  1. Red Sun (P/M/M+) Stellarbone 4:07
  2. My Brother (P/M/M+) Dzintar 3:31
  3. Like A Graveyard Ghost (P/M) Radio Shotgun 3:12
  4. Caromb (P/M) Dzintar 3:14

P = Produced / M = mixed / M+ = mastered

What can I do for you?


I have my own home recording studio where I have enough space and equipment to record all instruments and voice overs


You can provide me with your raw recorded tracks and I will turn them into a professional sounding mix in a matter of days.


Editing your session can be a real pain. If you send me your raw recorded tracks, I can quantize drums, clean up guitars and bass, tune and align vocals.

Instruments & Reamping

Need drums, bass, guitar or vocals on your songs and can't do it yourself? I can play it for you! I am also able to reamp your guitar or bass and turn it into the sound you need. I have a vast array of amps available.

Pre Production

Just need a quick demo of your songs? We can set up a session and record a live rehearsal. I can do a basic mix afterwards if needed.


Looking for a high quality mastering that translates everywhere? Send me your final mix and I will make it radio ready

About Niels Dzintar


I am Niels Dzintar, a Belgian based musician and producer with a preference for rock, metal, hardcore and punk rock. I have been active in music for over 20 years. I started out playing various instruments in multiple bands and played hundreds of shows over the years.

In 2014 I graduated as a producer/engineer at Volver Sound Academy in Tilburg (NL) and in 2019 I built my own home recording studio located in Meerhout/Balen area (province of Antwerp, Belgium). Over the years I have been finetuning my craft as an alumni of Jay Maas and Jordan Valeriote.

Being an aspiring musician myself, my goal is to get the best out of every production I do. I would love to help you getting your songs to the next level, from pre production all the way to a final mix that sounds great everywhere! I also write, produce and mix my own albums, you can check it out here.

For more info and videos about studio related stuff, visit my YouTube channel.

Contact me at dzintarmusicstudio@gmail.com

Artists I have worked with

De Uilen | Pas De Chance | Radio Shotgun | Dzintar | Jan Vanderoost | The Maple Room | Our Hate | Daan Wilms | Punkus Rockus | Stellarbone | Marcus Deblaere | Dries Monsieurs (Moments) | Iris Goessens (Spoil Engine) | Maarten Albrechts (BEAR) | Michael Dreesen | Dries Olemans (Circle, Loud Love)

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